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Ramwave can assist in any technology related solution or enterprise-wide implementation you might be considering, Ramwave consulting are dedicated to maximizes the return on your web technology investment. Our experience of working with companies of all sizes from variety of industries, combined with our deep product knowledge, strong technical expertise, methodology and collaborative approach, can help you take full advantage of the robust functionality of our content management technology solutions. In all client engagements our aim is to achieve:

100% client satisfaction

Rapid return on investment

Professional Expertise

Ramwave professionals offer customers a wide range of industry and technical expertise. Through our experience we have gained unique insights into how organizations can maximize their effectiveness from using Content Management Systems. Our experience and know-how enables us to consistently and effectively deliver results to our clients.

Core Competencies

Ramwave Consulting is comprised of professionals with deep product and technical expertise; who have the skills and competencies necessary to fully support the rwGo Content Management solution. Competencies and have expertise include:

Project Management and Business Analysis

Enterprise Architecture and Integration Engineering

Application Development and Consulting

Customer needs drive skills and competencies required for each project, it is dependent on project complexity, schedule, solution and cost. We analyse technology needs and staff accordingly with the appropriate mix of technical skills and competencies.


Our methodology ensures a formalized and consistent approach to all engagements, and is based on previous Ramwave success. The methodology is comprised of four distinct phases

- Scoping
- Analysis and Design
- Development
- Deployment 

Each phase has a set of predefined objectives, tasks and deliverables. Our approach has the flexibility to adjust to client-specific conditions while maintaining the appropriate controls needed to ensure successful project outcomes.


This process defines the goals and creates a plan to ensure your project gets off on the right track. Ramwave professionals work with you to determine what needs to get done, how it will get done, and who will do it. Part of the process involves spending time with you to understand your business and what business issues you are trying to solve. Having a comprehensive understanding of your objectives and priorities enables Ramwave to determine usage requirements and project goals that deliver results.

Responsibilities of Project Managers typically include Development and management of the scope, work plan, schedule and budget. Oversight of the installation, configuration and development of the solution, Issue management and resolution, project status, team management and communication, Quality assurance and governance and rwGo training.

Analysis and Design

Typical deliverables of this phase include the following: detailed requirements, technical architecture and design, schematics and modelling, security model, content contribution design, content consumption design, content migration plan and design, integration requirements and design, a detailed project work plan for development and deployment is done which includes the key objectives, defines in detailed business and technical requirements, defines the technical design, architecture and infrastructure and knowledge transfer.

Example of deliverables include: Software installed and configured, developed, tested and accepted solution, solution documentation, migrated content, deployment plan, key objectives, install and configure software, configure and develop the solution, migrate and convert content, develop system integrations, conduct unit, end-user training and knowledge transfer.


The development phase represents the bulk of the project, with the detailed design created in the analysis and design phase guiding the project team through it. The tasks involved in the development phase include: process such as migrating content, configuring the application and integrating the system into the existing IT architecture, and is focused on building and testing the Ramwave solution. Once the system is up and running, Ramwave professionals plan and execute tests to ensure the design specifications have been met.

Example of deliverables include: Rollout to user groups, solution documentation, key objectives, end-user training, transition solution to IT, finalize deliverables, knowledge transfer, transfer project details to Ramwave Support so they can provide ongoing support, deployment, during deployment, Ramwave consulting finalizes the product deliverables and ensures the project is complete and the client is satisfied with the results.


Although knowledge transfer is a key objective in every phase, we believe it is an especially critical component of this last phase. Ramwave professionals will work with you to make sure your team is up to speed and able to continue to maintain and run the solution effectively.

Once the plan is in place, Ramwave performs the analysis and design necessary to develop specific technical architecture and business requirements. Based on those requirements, we create a detailed project plan that includes sections on testing, training, documentation and migration. At the end of this phase, the project team has a clear understanding and idea of how to develop the solution.

Typical deliverables include: Goals, objectives and scope statement, executive summary of core requirements, priorities and key constraints, risk assessment and mitigation plan, detailed project plan, inventory of high-level use cases, change management and communication plan, Key objectives, define project scope and goals, understand high-level system usage, develop preliminary project plan and estimates, determine required project team and Knowledge transfer.




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