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Content is central to every Web site. Your words and images tell your visitors who you are, what you do - and why they should pay attention to you. Why not maximize your online investments with Ramwave’s web content management solution rwGo and optimizes your online strategy?

Our web content management solutions empower non-technical content authors to contribute, edit, manage, and publish their mission-critical text and images, without the help of Webmasters or IT developers. Ramwave’s Web Content Management (WCM) System rwGo ensures timely updates by putting the power to publish dynamic web content into the hands of content owners (such as marketing, human resources, PR). It solves the 'Webmaster bottleneck' and allows IT professionals to focus on development activity, not content posting.

rwGo WCM protects the integrity of your creative site investments by separating content from design, your branding remains consistent, and gives you the power to publish content to multiple destinations of your Web site, other sites, PDAs and other wireless devices.

Benefits of Using a rwGo
RwGo can save your organization time and money while adding value to your existing Web investments. Several key benefits include:

  • Anytime, anywhere Web publishing: With some rwGo content "owners"in your organization can securely add or update content from any Web browser.

  • Anyone can be an HTML expert: Intuitive authoring tools empower anyone to create HTML content without having to know how to code.

  • Eliminate the 'Webmaster bottleneck': rwGo eases the pressure on Webmasters and IT staff, enabling them to focus on strategic IT projects.

  • Efficient workflow management: rwGo manages content workflow, handling contributed content and notifying approvers via email that it's ready for review and publishing.

  • Quicker Web Site updates: Non-technical business users can make relevant, timely updates to your site, solidifying your message and ensuring content accuracy.

  • Protect Web Site branding: rwGo separates Web site content from Web site design, which protects your branding and navigation from content contributors.

  • Save time and money: rwGo makes your organization more efficient and cost-effective by enabling the right person to manage the right content at the right time.

rwGo enables your organization to abandon the old, ineffective methods of publishing new or updated Web content, allowing the right person to manage the right content at the right time. rwGo maximizes the value of your content by making it easier to publish frequent updates on your site. Web Content Management solutions vary widely in price and performance - not all are created equal. There are a few things you should be aware of when researching and choosing a rwGo solution:

Solutions have moved into the mainstream with prices within the reach of any organization. You no longer need to spend £50,000 to £1 million for a fully functional content management solution. Ramwave’s robust web content management solution can be acquired from as little as £1000.00, depending on the level of customisation and the number of users.

Easy Integration:
RwGo is easy to integrate - you no longer have to wait weeks or months to integrate a solution, like other Web Content Management Solutions providers, rwGo can be deployed and integrated in hours or days.

Many organizations that adopt rwGo solutions take full control of their Web site, initially it’s normally put "under management" of one or two selected administrators and gradually extending it to a key users within the organisation. Ramwave provides flexible solutions that will let you add user licenses or URLs as your Web strategy evolves and website grows.

rwGo solutions deliver key components that used to cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, including: browser based user interface, workflow/approval process, security, document check-in/check-out, content history tracking/audit trails, advanced search functionality, and the ability to view staged content. We deliver flexible solutions that fit your needs, not one that makes you fit with our requirements.

Easy to Use:
Many vendors say it's easy to use their solution. This is an important attribute – Ramwave have developed the rwGo system according to real customer needs and actual usage by conducting first hand research. This ensures that our features are relevant to the business user, if a business user finds it the least bit difficult to adopt and use, it may not get used at all. We let you test drive our system at no charge.

Stable Vendor:
A shakeout is occurring in the content management market, with many smaller vendors falling aside, unable to survive in a crowded market. Align your interests with Ramwave who have a proven track record and a web content management focus with references and case studies to back it up.



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